Our MC & Event Ambassadors


Our MC :

Cassie Silver

Cassie Silver is an award-winning television journalist and producer, with a passion for mental health and wellness.  After spending a decade establishing herself in the media industry, she’s now one of Perth’s most sought-after MC’s and hosts. Known for her professionalism and charisma, Cassie brings her refreshing sense of humour and humility to every stage and guest speaking role. She’s a self-confessed fitness nut and is humbled by the return invitation to host the second Wellness Walkabout event. 

Our Event Ambassador :

Olivia Vivian

Since reaching the pinnacle of gymnastics competition by representing Australia in the Beijing Olympics, coming home having achieved a fantastic 6th place, Olivia has achieved fame in the US and at home by her inspiring performances as a ninja.  She recently was the only woman to reach the Grand Final of Channel 9’s Australian Ninja Warrior and took out the 2018 women’s title at the National Ninja League finals in America.

Olivia spends her time running ninja workshops all over the nation and competing as a ninja all over the world.  Along with her partner Ben Polson, Olivia has uploaded an online Ninja Course called ‘The Ninja Blueprint’ which is available to anyone, anywhere  at theninjablueprint.com It helps people learn the fundamentals of Ninja and course racing, plus learning the basics of functional movement. 

“I’m super excited to be a part of Wellness Walkabout again, anything that gives the public an opportunity be active for a good cause makes fitness and fun and so much more memorable.”

Welcome to Country :

Mr Shaun Nannup

Shaun is a Whadjuk Wardandi Nyungar man who through his old people, has great depth and knowledge of culture, liaison and inspirational speaking. His work in such areas as mentoring, leadership and healing are highly referred and respected, within both Indigenous and mainstream community’s.

Shaun is now a Director at WISDOM in your Life – wisdominyourlife.com.au

Email: shaun@wisdominyourlife.com.au