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Self Love Aromatherapy

Our modern lifestyles can often send us into places of overwhelm, stress and fatigue. Sometimes we need to pause, breathe deeply and extend ourselves permission to recharge.

Self Love Aromatherapy candles contain only natural, sustainably sourced soy wax and pure essential oils. We believe that the therapeutic properties of 100% pure essential oils extracted from plants are powerful tools to help us shift mood and mind states. They invoke the ability to create calm, a sense of ease and clarity as well as rejuvenate and uplift in a completely natural way. 

100% natural & plant based essential oil soy wax candles. 

GH Produce

GH Produce offers a range of Paleo inspired granolas, bake mixes, snacks and baked goods, all of which are made with the highest quality ingredients with a focus on sourcing local, native and organic where possible. GH Produce provides suitable options for people with food allergies, or those just looking for a healthier and more ethical option. The best part about GH Produce products is that they taste great and are made with love!!

yoga australia

Yoga Australia is a voluntary, not-for-profit association, incorporated in 1999 (originally known as the Yoga Teachers Association). It was originally founded by a group of independent yoga teachers who recognised the need to bring yoga teachers together from all different traditions, styles and backgrounds, to provide mutual support and professional recognition of yoga in Australia.

Today Yoga Australia is recognised as the peak body for Yoga in Australia. We strive to support our fellow yogis and ensure the sustainability and longevity of our industry in this country and around the globe.

all the lights

Come and say hi to the crew from All The Lights- a performance company based in Perth.

Learn about movement meditation through hula hooping and have a hula hoop with us! We will be selling discount price hula hoops at our stand, all handmade with love by our WA team! And we also have a competition to enter wth a fantastic prize up for grabs!